high-paper-materaA capital company, it was created at the beginning of 90s. It is specialized in production and transformation of TISSUE hygienical, sanitary and domestic paper (toilet paper, napkins, handkerchiefs, paper and dish towels, etc…). Inspiring values: quality, innovation and honesty towards clients. A benchmark for the whole Tissue market in the south of Italy and looking successfully at overseas markets. H.P. High Paper is a company with a completely integrated process, which uses the most modern production and transformation technologies of Tissue’s articles. High Paper is an innovative industrial reality, able in high productive performances. It has a productive plant available, near Matera: an area of 15.000 mq, with big spaces designed for logistic. It has big administrative and commercial offices, an analytical laboratory to control products’ quality, incoming and outbound; a multimedia room for business meetings, training courses on practical techniques of products, specific courses for each business area, addressed to employees, sales force and clients. In our headquarter take place also research and developments and marketing activities to increase purchasing network.


H.P. High Paper has new industrial machineries, technologically innovative, which allow production of toilet paper, home paper, dry paper, napkins etc…achieving high quality standards. The management have a funded experience in the sector of production and marketing of Tissue paper. It is a dynamic company, that makes attention to the development, to their clients needs and constantly invests in research and innovation.

qualità garantita high paper carta igienica

Toilet paper’s quality, together with that of dry paper, napkins and kitchen paper is guaranteed by technological research and refreshes courses of employees’ know-how. During each step of the productive process, we make attention to the decrease of the environmental impact. Besides, High Paper fosters a more functional use of virgin cellulose fibre, in relation to the use of a product. The big whole of High Paper’s products allows to satisfy every kind of need in every kind of market.
Reliable products: our purpose is the satisfaction of your need in each sector: bathroom area with toilet paper, kitchen area with napkins, cloth and dry paper to clean every kind of surfaces and personal care with handkerchiefs.
Our products respect the most strict safety rules and, at the same time, guarantee the best comfort. We guarantee the highest quality and selection of raw material for each product and to do it we created a brand name to guarantee this quality to our clients.